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Peoples and Cultures of Siberia: Research, Museum Filing, Teaching: collection of academic works / chief editors M.L. Berezhnova, N.A. Tomilov. - Omsk: OmSU Publishing House, 2005. – 506 p.

The collection is linked to the 30th anniversary of ethnographical research in Omsk State University and to the 20th anniversary of the Department of Ethnography and Museum Studies. This is why it includes articles on academic and management activities of Omsk ethnographers. 

The main part of the collection is built up of articles and reports on modern ethnography and anthropology of law in higher education institutions of the Russian Federation.  The authors are scientists form Anadyr, Barnaul, Omsk, Magnitogorsk, and Moscow.

The target audience is professionals in ethnography, ethnoarcheology, museum studies, history, culture studies and other humanities.


Berezhnova M.L., Tomilov N.A.   Some words about the Department

Tomilov N.A.   The beginning of the first stage of ethnography at Omsk State University

Koroussenko S.N. About the nature of the ethnic identity of the Siberian Tatars

Kouleshova N.V. Genealogy and ethnic self-identification of the Baraba Tatars (the case of Kargatsko-Ubinskaya group)

Titov V.E. The settlements and dwellings of the Tatars of the Tara Irtysh region on the last quarter of the XX century

Seleznov А.G., Seleznova I.А. The cult of saints in Siberian Islam

Yarzoutkina А.А. Fishing magic rituals of the Siberian Tatars

Kolomiets O.P. Similarities and differences in wedding rites of the  Kourdaksko – Sargatskiye and Tara Tatars

Tikhomirova M.N. Food and meals in the wedding rites of Baraba Tatars

Merzlikin V.V. Multiangle crib works of the Tobolo-Irtysh Tatars

Ourazaleyev R.F. To the problem of the degree of familiarity with the folklore of the Kourdaksko-Sargatskiye and Tara Tatars

Koroussenko М.А., Merzlikin V.V. Matskey, Oubyr and Otskour in the mythological representations of the Siberian tatars (an experience of analyzing the images)

Aitbaeva D.M. Interethnic contact of the Baraba Tatars with the Russians (on the basis of folklore and historical sources)

Berezhnova M.L. The study of the ethnography of the Russian Siberians in the native historical science (an experience of bibliometrical analysis)

Zhigounova М.А. Birth and christening celebrations of the West Siberian Russians (XX century)

Volokhina I.V. The folk medicine of Siberian old-believers on the Internet

Smirnova T.B. The history of origin and the modern state of the German religious groups in Western Siberia. 

Chernova I.N. Family life of the Germans in Western Siberia in the end of the XIX – the beginning of the XXI century

Blinova A.N. Confessionalism in the traditional upbringing system of the German population of Western Siberia

Krikh А.А. The aspects of ethnic self-identity of the Byelorussians: the shell boyars – Lithuanian Siberians

Koushnarenko S.М. Ukrainian settlers in the Omsk Irtysh region in the end of the XIX – the beginning of XXI centuries (the population and changes in the quantity of the Ukrainians)

Smagoulov B.K. The study of the burial rite of the Kazakhs in the XIX century – the 1990s

Nazarov I. I. The traditional utensils of the Koumandintsy

Matveyev А.V. Artificial road constructions in the Middle Irtysh region in the XVIII – the beginning of  the XX centuries, based on the written sources and ethnography

Osipova I.V. The toponimic theme in the legends of mining settlements of Beloretskiy rayon of Bashkiria

Reisvich D.A. Socio-anthropological aspect of the corporality

Patrousheva G.М., Orekhova М.V. A short sketch on the history of the Museum of the Department of Home Affairs of Omsk Oblast

Novikova N.I. The anthropology of law: the subject matter and the method of the academic discipline.

Kadnevskiy V.M. Study tests in ethnology

Academic publications of Omsk ethnographers (1999–2005)

The list of scientific works of Omsk ethnographers (1999–2004)

Scientific congresses, conferences, seminars conducted by Omsk scientists in ethnography, ethnoarcheology and culture studies in 2000–2005

The list of lecturers, staff members, post-graduate students of ethnography, graduates and students of Omsk State University who have defended Doctoral and Kandidatskaya dissertations

About the authors

The list of abbreviations



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